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Brenda Austin

Brenda Austin Owner of Now and Zen Bodyworks. The Los Angeles native making moves in Dallas Texas. Brenda has been a licensed massage therapist for nine years. She graduated from a little town in Missouri named Jefferson City. Brenda has made a way for herself by being certified in over 16 modalities in one facility. Brenda got her start from the modality sports massage therapy. Brenda used to run track at the age of 10 which got her into receiving massages herself. When she learned about sports massage therapy and massage school, she knew that sports massage was her niche to help athletes heal and recover. Even though sports massage took off very quickly with professional athletes and celebrities all over the world Brenda still maintain clientele who wanted to receive deep tissue, Swedish, hot stones and prenatal.


   In 2016 Brenda came across a modality names for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. A technique that a lot of massage therapists aren’t trained in. After being certified Brenda understood the importance of the lymphatic system and how everyone could benefit from this service. The lymphatic system is the system that transport waste out of our bodies. By doing that it helps our bodies heal in a way we are more energetic, our immune system is better and it helps eliminate inflammation in our bodies. Along with learning Manual Lymphatic Drainage she also picked up a technique named wood therapy and Lymphaticmassage.


This service begins with specially designed Wood Sculpting tools to activate the lymphatic system, contour the body, reduce cellulite, tone skin and help with blood circulation. These are used over the body for 20 minutes with special attention to problem areas.

Brenda is always looking ways to expand her practice outside of the DFW area. People that want to collaborate are more than welcome to contact Brenda.

We look forward to helping you heal with zen. 

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