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Brenda Austin

Meet Brenda Austin, the visionary behind Now and Zen Bodyworks, who hails from Los Angeles and now calls Dallas, Texas home. With nine years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, Brenda's journey began in Jefferson City, Missouri. Her dedication to her craft has led her to become certified in over 16 modalities, all under one roof.


Brenda's passion for sports massage therapy ignited during her own athletic pursuits at the age of 10. This passion evolved into a specialization, catering to professional athletes and celebrities worldwide. Despite her success in sports massage, Brenda remains committed to serving clients seeking deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, and prenatal massages.


In 2016, Brenda discovered the transformative power of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, a technique often overlooked by many massage therapists. Recognizing its profound benefits for overall health and wellness, Brenda pursued certification in this specialized modality. Complementing her expertise, she also mastered wood therapy and Manual lymphatic Drainage.


At Now and Zen Bodyworks, Brenda offers a unique service combining wood sculpting tools and lymphatic massage to stimulate the lymphatic system, sculpt the body, diminish cellulite, enhance skin tone, and improve blood circulation. With focused attention on individual needs, this treatment lasts 20 minutes, targeting specific concerns.


Continuously seeking avenues for growth, Brenda welcomes collaboration opportunities beyond the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For those interested in partnering or experiencing the transformative power of her practice, Brenda invites you to connect.


Embark on your journey to healing with Brenda and discover the serenity of Now and Zen Bodyworks.

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