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Kindly refrain from bringing additional guests with you to your appointment. I am only able to accommodate individuals who have a scheduled appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

We kindly ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary medical forms. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we request a 24-hour notification period. Thank you for your cooperation.


16300 Addison Rd

Suite 260 (second floor)

Addison, Texas 75001

We are located inside The Red Brick Building next to the Extra Storage Place (Park in the back of the building, come inside the building to the 2nd floor, suite 260)


Please note that all appointments are requested and subject to approval. Upon acceptance, you will receive a confirmation email for your appointment. In the event of denial, you will receive a notification email. Please be aware that bookings are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. By proceeding with checkout, you acknowledge that you are the individual making this payment. Kindly ensure that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. New clients are required to fill out paperwork upon arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.


How to reschedule my appointment?

Rescheduling your appointment is convenient: simply log into your Vagaro account, navigate to your upcoming appointment, and select the reschedule option.

We value your time and have reserved your appointment exclusively for you. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide us with a 24-hour notice. In case of an emergency on the day of your appointment, we kindly ask for a 3-hour notice to accommodate your needs and attempt to fill the session.


Please note our cancellation policy: Less than 24-hour notice, but more than 3-hour notice, will incur a 50% fee, while less than 3-hour notice will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

Additionally, please be aware that massages must be used within 6 months. If your massages become deactivated, you may reactivate them for a fee of $30. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Terms of Service

At Now & Zen Bodyworks, we stand out with our unique approach to total body improvement. Our techniques are not just generic, but specifically crafted to cater to your individual needs, underlining your significance and making you feel truly appreciated.


The massage therapy undertaken at Now & Zen Bodyworks constitutes a healthcare service and not the practice of chiropractic.



At Now & Zen Bodyworks, we are dedicated to creating a serene and comforting environment for your treatment session. Our rooms are meticulously designed to promote relaxation, with individual sound and lighting controls for your personal comfort. The use of high-quality heated tables, adorned with clean, crisp linens and a plush blanket, further enhances your comfort, ensuring you feel completely at ease and relaxed.

You can always communicate any requests or concerns to your Massage Therapist during your treatment. Your level of comfort is our top priority.


Please take the time to read through our Terms of Service to ensure that you get the very best from your visit/s.



  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out the required forms.

  • You can expect your treatment at Now & Zen Bodyworks to be tailored to meet your needs. Our friendly and helpful staff will welcome you and ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding your medical history, past or present injuries, or other physical conditions that we should know before your treatment.

  • A Licensed Massage Therapist will begin the process with a consultation where we listen to you and come to understand your particular concerns. We'll review your information, including current conditions that might affect treatment or if there is a specific area or challenge upon which you'd like us to focus.

  • Massages are typically carried out while you are disrobed, but you will be covered according to the requirements set out in our Draping Statement (see below).

  • You will never be fully exposed during the session. Only the massaged area will be exposed and immediately covered up before moving to another area. Genitals will not be exposed at any time.

  • Kindly notify the therapist should you need to clean up/use the restroom before your session.

  • Conversation during the session is up to the client.

  • The massage should not be painful at any time.  Please notify the therapist if you feel discomfort of any kind.

  • During future visits, our massage therapist will ask about any changes to tailor your Now & Zen Bodyworks experience further.


The massage therapist has the right to refuse service for whatever reason.


At Now & Zen Bodyworks:

  • All therapy sessions will be carried out by appropriately qualified professional personnel;

  • High sanitary and hygienic conditions will be maintained;

  • Client records and information are kept private and confidential (see Confidentiality), including initial consultation documents, all session notes, and related billing records, unless otherwise required by law;

  • Regular inspections are carried out on the equipment to maintain health and safety standards.


Now & Zen Bodyworks will NOT:

  • Employ an individual who ‘is not a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident with a valid work permit;

  • Employ a minor unless the minor's parent or legal guardian authorizes in writing the minor's employment by Now & Zen Bodyworks;

  • Allow a nude or partially nude employee to provide massage therapy or other massage services to a client;

  • Allow any individual, including a client, student, license holder, or employee, to engage in sexual contact at Now & Zen Bodyworks or

  • Allow any individual, including a student, license holder, or employee, to practice massage therapy in the nude or in clothing designed to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any individual.


  • Now & Zen Bodyworks welcomes walk-ins, and we may offer same-day appointments, subject to availability.  We recommend using the booking app, VAGARO or secure an online appointment to ensure you get an appointment that suits you.

  • Reservations are available for a variety of durations. The following services are strictly 30-minute appointments:

  • Sports Massage

  • Medical Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Back

  • Facial

  • The Spirit of Zen

  • Any Client attending any of these services is required to complete the declaration below.

  • If this is your first appointment with us, you will be required to complete a Client Intake Form with additional forms that may be relevant to your session.

  • These forms will be completed before any therapy sessions.

  • Massages are available Monday – Saturday, 10 am-8 pm.  Schedule an appointment to avoid disappointment.



To be completed by Clients receiving any of the following services (please indicate):

  •              Sports Massage;


I confirm that I am attending an appointment for the indicated service/s and understand and acknowledge that the session is strictly 30 minutes long.


Client Signature:_________________Date:__________________




At Now & Zen Bodyworks, we aim to provide quality services to all our clients on time. When an appointment is booked, this slot is held on our calendar and is no longer available to other clients. To be respectful of others, we ask that you kindly contact us as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment.


To ensure the well-being of our clients and to maintain the high standards of our services, we do not offer refunds or exchanges and have adopted the following policy:



Our services are in high demand.  Your advanced cancellation notice will allow another client to book the slot. 


If you need to cancel (and reschedule) your appointment:

  • We require advance notice.  Contact our offices at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment (3 hours if the cancellation is due to an emergency). If you contact us outside of business hours to cancel, please leave a detailed message on our answering machine, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

  • Advanced cancellation notice may only be given twice or twice for the same appointment.

  • If you cancel your appointment for any reason, you will not receive a refund; however, you may be able to reschedule your appointment.

  • Late cancellations will incur charges as follows:

  • ‘No show’ will incur the full charge of the service;

  • Less than 3 hours notice will incur the full charge of the service;

  • Less than 24 hours' notice but more than 3 hours' notice will incur 50% of the service charge.


In the case of clients who have purchased a :

This cancellation notice applies to clients with vouchers as follows:

  • We require advance notice.  Contact our offices at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment (3 hours if the cancellation is due to an emergency). If you contact us outside of business hours to cancel, please leave a detailed message on our answering machine, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

  • Cancellations will result in the following:

  • If the client gives more than 24 hours notice of cancellation and reschedules, the client’s Wellness Massage Package credits will not be affected;

  • ‘No show’ will incur a ‘void’ and the use of 1 (one) massage credit from the client’s Wellness Massage Package;

  • Less than 3 hours' notice will incur a ‘void’ and the use of 1 (one) massage credit from the client’s Wellness Massage Package.



  • Should you need to reschedule an appointment, kindly contact our offices as soon as possible to enable us to assist; alternatively, reschedule your appointment online:

  • Login to your Vagaro account

  • Select the appointment you wish to reschedule

  • Select a new day and time

  • Wait for your appointment to be accepted.  Once accepted, you will receive an email with the appointment accepted.

  • We reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee of US$30 in addition to any other charges which may be due and payable.

  • Rescheduling an appointment is done by canceling your existing appointment.  Please get in touch with our offices at least 3 hours before your appointment (including clients with vouchers) to arrange the rescheduling. 

  • Failure to give adequate notice (at least 3 hours before your scheduled appointment) will be deemed a late cancellation and will incur the full charge of the service.


Running Late:

We understand that there are times when you may arrive late for an appointment, and at Now & Zen Bodyworks, we will aim to accommodate you insofar as possible, subject to the following:

  • Should you arrive late for your appointment, the service time may be abbreviated to avoid delays for subsequent clients.

  • We will not be required to make up the missed time of the scheduled appointment either by overrunning the appointment or adding time to subsequent appointments. 

  • Last-minute changes to an appointment may be honored only if:

  • There is a service appointment available at a later time on the same day as your appointment, AND

  • No other clients are inconvenienced.

  • Treatment charges will be charged at the total value.

  • If you run late for two or more consecutive appointments, from the second late attendance, Now & Zen Bodyworks reserves the right to charge a late fee of $20.

  • If you run late for your appointments regularly, we reserve the right to deny you an appointment.


No Show/Missed Appointment:

  • A ‘no show’ is when a client misses an appointment without notice of cancellation.

  • A ‘no-show’ will incur the full charge of the service.



I confirm that I have read and understand Now & Zen Bodyworks Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy and agree to the terms and conditions of rescheduling and cancellation.


Furthermore, I understand and agree that I will/may incur charges for cancellations, lateness, and no-show/missed appointments as set out in the policy.


Client Signature:_________________Date:__________________




For this Code of Conduct, the following words/phrases shall have the corresponding meanings assigned to them:

  1. "Nude/nudity" means a person who is:                                           

    • entirely unclothed;  or                                                

    • clothed in a manner that leaves uncovered or visible through less than fully opaque clothing any portion of the breasts below the top of the areola of the breasts or any portion thereof.

  2. "Sexual contact" includes:                                              

    • any touching of any part of the genitalia or anus;

    • any touching of the breasts of a female client without the written consent of the female client;

    • any offer or agreement to engage in any activity described above;

    • kissing without the consent of both persons;

    • deviate sexual intercourse, sexual contact, sexual intercourse, indecent exposure, sexual assault, prostitution, and promotions of prostitution, or any offer or agreement to engage in such activities;

    • any behavior, gesture, or expression that may reasonably be interpreted as inappropriately seductive or sexual;  or

    • inappropriate sexual comments, including sexual comments about a person's body.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks is a coed service provider. Proper attire is to be worn at all times. Nudity is not permitted anywhere in the facilities.

  • Our therapists have the right to do their jobs without being mistreated.  We have a zero-tolerance approach to our therapists being poorly treated.

  • Sexual behavior and sexual contact are strictly forbidden.

  • Sexual misconduct is strictly forbidden.  Illicit and sexually aggressive gestures, remarks, or advances will result in the immediate termination of the session.  The client will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment.

  • Physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated at Now & Zen Bodyworks.  If a client becomes physically and verbally abusive during a session or demonstrates any inappropriate, sexual, or aggressive behavior, the session will be immediately terminated.  Now & Zen Bodyworks reserves the right to totally or partially ban a client and contact the authorities.



Now & Zen Bodyworks provides professional massage and therapy services.  We aim to maintain professional and ethical standards while maintaining modesty and avoiding embarrassment.  We allow you privacy to dress and undress, as appropriate, and always provide a gown, disposable undergarments, or draping based on the services offered.


Draping is the technique of covering the client’s body during a session and exposing only the part of the body that is being worked on, e.g., your back, an arm, or a leg. Appropriate draping assists in maintaining the professional boundaries between you and the therapist, allows you to be undressed to your comfort level, and gives the therapist the freedom to carry out the therapy without being encumbered by clothing. 


The types of draping used during a session may vary but include towels, sheets, and blankets.  The therapist will ensure that there is sufficient clean draping available.


Not all therapies require draping.  The following list specifies which sessions will be subject to draping and which will not:


Draping Services

Non-Draping Services


  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Post-op treatments

  • Lymphatic massages

  • Swedish Massage

  • Body contouring

  • Lymphatic cavitation

  • Spiritual healing services

  • Lymphatic wood therapy

  • Body cavitation

  • Hot Stoner Massage

  • Wood/Ice Body Contouring

  • Butt Therapy

  • Prenatal massage

  • Detox Non-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

  • Face Lymphatic Massage

  • Wellness packages

  • Megan Summer Body

  • Wood Therapy

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Tape Method

  • Couple’s Massage

  • Scar Treatment

  • Herbal Body wraps

  • Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage

  • Express facial

  • Face & Scalp Massage

  • Zen Stretch

  • Zen Beard Facial


While carrying out any therapy that requires draping, the therapist undertakes to:

  • Make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the session;

  • Explain, maintain, and respect your coverage and draping boundaries and seek appropriate consent, where required;

  • Give you the option of disrobing at your comfort level.  The therapist will adapt the treatment plan should you wish to remain fully or partially clothed during the session;

  • Only expose the part of the body to be massaged;

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the draping at all times;

  • Provide you with a blanket, sheet, and towel upon request;

  • Adjust the draping if there is any indication of discomfort;

  • Obtain consent when tucking linen into underwear or when moving underwear;

  • Provide women with a disposable bra and underwear and men with disposable briefs;

  • Use safe and functional coverage and draping practices during the therapy and while disrobing.  Draping of the genital area and gluteal cleavage will be used at all times during the session for all clients. The drape will be sufficient to ensure that the genitals and gluteal cleft distal to the coccyx, anus, and rectum are not exposed.  The breast area will not be exposed without your prior written, informed consent to perform the required treatment of the area; 

  • Drape the breasts of female clients and not engage in breast massage of female clients unless the client gives informed, written consent before each session involving a breast massage

  • Ensure that your private parts are concealed at all times;

  • Provide precise instructions regarding changing the draping, if you need to turn it over, what is happening, and what is expected of you.


As the client, you:

  • Have the right to feel safe and comfortable when receiving treatment from us;

  • Have the right to choose to have your upper torso undraped during your session, subject to your written informed consent being given to the therapist in advance of your session;

  • Have the right to speak up at any time during the session should you feel uncomfortable, if you’re cold, if you require a blanket, etc.;

  • You have the right to end the session immediately if you feel uncomfortable.


I have read and understood the Now & Zen Bodyworks Draping Statement.


I, furthermore, understand/agree that:

  • I may disrobe to my comfort level;

  • That the therapist will not perform a breast massage (female clients) without my written consent;

  • Draping will be used during those sessions designated as ‘Draping Services’;

  • If I am uncomfortable for any reason, I may immediately terminate the session;

  • The therapy is entirely therapeutic and non-sexual.


Client Signature:_________________Date:__________________




  • Now & Zen Bodyworks is a professional business offering a variety of massage and therapy sessions.  All massage therapists are appropriately qualified and trained for the services they provide.

  • We will make every effort to meet your reasonable requests.

  • We cannot guarantee a specific therapist or the gender of your choice.

  • Clients are required to notify their therapist of any health concerns, e.g., high blood pressure, any unique physical concerns, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.  Clients will be required to complete a health form before any sessions, designed with the client’s well-being in mind.

  • Clients must report any health changes to their therapist, including injuries, allergies, new medications, etc.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks and the therapists maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.  Clients are asked to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, too.

  • Clients should not attend their appointment if they are unwell, suffering from a cold or virus, infection, or general ill health. Kindly contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment. If you are unwell, contact us to inform us of your illness. Our Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy may still apply.

  • Clients are to refrain from drinking alcohol 12 hours before their scheduled appointment.

  • Clients are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids (i.e., water) before and after a massage to help the body pass the toxicants.

  • Clients are responsible for their items at all times.  Now & Zen Bodyworks will not be held accountable for losing or damaging personal items during your time at our premises.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks is happy to accommodate sessions with clients who are under the age of 18.  A parent or guardian must accompany any client under 18. The parent or guardian is required to give written permission for the agreed massage plan to be performed and will be required to co-sign the New Client Consultation Form. The parent or guardian will remain in the room for the appointment and throughout the treatment.

  • We cannot accommodate any visitors in the treatment rooms unless such a visitor accompanies a child receiving treatment. All visitors are required to remain in the waiting area.

  • Clients must please maintain a quiet level of conversation.

  • Mobile phones must be turned off during sessions.



At Now & Zen Bodyworks, we are committed to client satisfaction and strive to give our clients exceptional service.  However, sometimes things go wrong, so we’ve created a complaint procedure.  We aim to learn from our mistakes to improve our services for our clients.


Sometimes, we can put things right; at other times, we can only explain ourselves and apologize.


We request that you exhaust our complaints procedure before posting negative reviews/comments online.  


Our Complaints Procedure:

  • You must inform us as soon as possible if you are unhappy.  Please immediately inform your therapist if you are unhappy with our services or have concerns.  You can also contact Now & Zen Bodyworks directly or refer the matter to the manager on duty.

  • To enable us to address any complaints or concerns as effectively and promptly as possible, we request that you either speak to us directly or make a formal complaint by emailing us at

  • Your complaint will be investigated by the manager on duty, as appropriate.

  • We aim to respond to any formal complaints in writing within 20 days.

  • If you are unhappy with the response, you can ask for a review within 30 working days of receiving our response.  The review will be carried out by the owner of Now & Zen Bodyworks to determine the complaint/concern and the way the complaint/concern has been handled, as well as address how Now & Zen Bodyworks can put it right.  You will receive a response from the owner within 20 days of your request for a review.

  • We take all complaints and concerns seriously and will treat these confidentially. 



  • Payment is accepted at the time of the service.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks accepts cash, online payments, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as payment.  Checks will not be accepted.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks also accepts insurance payments.  In the case of insurance payments, the client must pay for the service and request a mail fax to the insurance company for reimbursement.  Now & Zen Bodyworks shall not be liable for any non-payment by an insurance company.

  • Gratuity is gratefully received but is not required.

  • Our prices are subject to change as we continue expanding our services to bring our clients the best.  We will make every effort to keep our website and menu pricing updated.


In the case of clients who have purchased a :

  • Clients have six months from the date the Wellness Massage Package was purchased to use up the credits allocated to the package.

  • If the client fails to use the Wellness Massage Package within six months, the client’s package will be deactivated.

  • Clients who wish to reactivate their Wellness Massage Package will pay a US$30 reactivation fee for each service.



  • Our services are private and confidential and carried out with discretion and respect.

  • We aim to safeguard our clients’ information and clinical records and maintain confidentiality.

  • We will not sell, distribute, or share any client information unless we are required to do so by law.

  • Any sessions, client consultations, and treatment details will only be discussed directly with the client.  If the client is under 18, we may discuss any sessions, client consultations, and treatment details with the client’s parent or guardian.

  • We have protocols in place to protect client information.  Your information will be retained for a reasonable period or as long as the law requires.

  • Our therapists will only have access to client files to provide the client with the appropriate treatment while working for and on behalf of Now & Zen Bodyworks.



  • Now & Zen Bodyworks provides a wide range of massage therapy and bodyworks services; however, none are a substitute for professional medical care, treatment, or counseling. We do not perform spinal or skeletal adjustments or diagnose, prescribe, or treat physical or mental illness.

  • Now & Zen Bodyworks services are provided for relaxation, stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, and improving circulation and energy flow. Our therapists will not diagnose or prescribe medication or medical treatment; however, they may recommend a referral to a GP or other qualified medical specialist or practitioner.

  • The client must notify the therapist if involved in any legal suit regarding health condition/s.

  • To the best of their knowledge, the client must provide accurate and true medical and personal information and keep Now & Zen Bodyworks up to date with details of any medication, medical concerns, symptoms, or treatments they are undergoing or having investigated.

  • The therapist may refuse to treat a client with just and reasonable cause. Furthermore, Now & Zen Bodyworks reserves the right to terminate an appointment if the therapist believes it is unsafe or in the client’s best interest to continue.

  • The client has the right to refuse, modify, or terminate treatment at any time, regardless of prior consent given.

  • The client must immediately inform the therapist if experiencing pain/discomfort during the session so that the therapist can adjust the pressure/strokes to suit the client’s comfort level. The client will not hold the therapist or Now & Zen Bodyworks responsible for any pain or discomfort experienced during or after the session.

  • By accepting our services, the client acknowledges and agrees to release and forever discharge the therapist and Now & Zen Bodyworks from any liability relating to the services or caused by the negligence, fault, or conduct of the therapist or Now & Zen Bodyworks, including, without limitation, death, bodily injury, illness, economic loss or out-of-pocket expenses, or loss or damage to property.

  • In the event of a court ruling liability on the part of Now & Zen Bodyworks, the client agrees and acknowledges that such liability will be limited to a maximum of US$250.00 or the actual amount paid for services.  This agreed limitation is an agreed allocation of risk and reflects the fees we charge for the services.



I confirm that I have read and understand Now & Zen Bodyworks Terms of Service, including:

  • What to Expect;

  • Reservations;

  • Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy;

  • Code of Conduct;

  • Draping Statement;

  • Health and Safety;

  • Client Satisfaction and Complaints Procedure;

  • Prices, Payments, and Gratuity;

  • Confidentiality;

  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability.


I confirm that I have provided all requested information honestly and thoroughly. Suppose there is a change to my reason for seeking massage, my medical history, or any other consent I have provided. In that case, I will advise the therapist so that an updated intake form can be completed.


I understand that the use of drugs and alcohol is contraindicated for massage therapy, and I attest that I am not under the influence of drugs and alcohol now, nor will I ever be, for a treatment session.


If I experience any pain or discomfort during the session, I will immediately inform the therapist so that the pressure and strokes may be adjusted to my comfort level. I understand that I may terminate the session at any time.


I understand that my therapy session may require that my body be covered (draped) at all times during the session, except for the area/s being massaged. I will not remove the draping without the therapist's consent. Suppose I make any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances, including the removal of draping. In that case, the session will immediately be terminated, and I will incur the total charge.


I understand these sessions should not be performed when certain medical conditions exist. I confirm that I have stated all of my known physical and medical conditions, including medications I am currently taking.


I understand that I have the right to complain.I agree to exhaust Now & Zen’s Complaints Procedure before posting negative remarks/reviews online.


I confirm that all of my answers are complete and correct.


Client Signature:_________________Date:__________________

Thank you!

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